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The Ashmore trunk


The Ashmore Trunk was one of my favourite upcycling projects. When I moved into my flat in NW London I saw this vintage trunk from my back bedroom window rotting away in the opposite neighbours garden.


For years I saw this trunk being ravaged by the elements so one day as they were clearing the plot I went round and persuaded them to give it to me (along with the rotting ghetto blaster).

The trunk weighed a ton and when opened I could see (and smell) why as there were piles of rotting, sodden furs and clothes in it! So, after removing the said garments I relined the trunk and fitted a new wooden inside frame which got a luminous green finish. 

At the same time remarkably I found a piece of glass on the street that fitted perfectly on top of the trunk. This was fixed using four laughing gas cylinders (also found on the street). Love it


Size (cms) - 108 W - 53 H - 53 D

Pride of place in my lounge! 

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