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Chest of Empires


Having discovered a worn-out wooden chest of drawers on the street I decided to give it a new life. Previously I had purchased 100's of Empire (focuses on movies) magazines off Ebay for just £1 and laboriously began to cut out both black and white and colour images.

Once sanded down I covered the top, sides and front legs of the chest with a mix of black and white images and saved the bright colour images for the shelves, lining them with the festival of the dead paper. To preserve the chest it was covered with four layers of resin and as a finishing touch used bronze arrows as its drawer handles. 


A great statement piece that took a long time but was worth it. 

Size (cms) - 72 W - 76 H - 40 D


In storage. Interested in purchasing this piece? Enquire via the contact form

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