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Exhibition at WWWGallery, London

The exhibition ran from 16th - 24th September 2022 at the Worldly, Wicked and Wise Gallery in Queens Park, London. It featured over 25 different pieces of art from oil paintings and mixed media canvases through to larger instalments. 

Overall the show was a success, attracting a lot of people, receiving some very positive feedback and generating a few sales. Click here for a video of all the work at the gallery. 


Setting up 

The biggest challenge was transporting all the different-sized objects over to the gallery but once there it didn't take too long to get the pieces hang and set up.



On one wall I hung a number of different oil paintings. The large-scale oils looked great against the white walls and soft spot lights. 



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Attention grabbing 

The gallery had a large ledge in the front where I positioned a number of unusual, colourful and quirky pieces that certainly got a lot of interest. 


If you have a gallery and would like me to showcase my contemporary art then please do contact me.

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